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ConnectedThinks IoT Platform is built with Data security as its base. Our security layer spans across the IoT hardware device, cloud-iot-platform and user-applications. Secure Layer ensures –

  • Data Integrity – You collect the right data and its tamperproof
  • Secure Connection – Encrypted data transfer between device & Cloud 
  • Secure data storage on cloud – Encrypted data, only authorized access
  • Secure user-application – Analytics, Machine Learning – Only Authenticated clients and Authorized users access

What would you like to explore?

IoT Device

IoT device poses a complex challenge is many IoT Solution deployments. It demands quality in Industrial Design, Networking and Information Technology. 

For instance, our solution for Hot/Cold Chain Food Temperature monitoring demands that the device works in extreme humid conditions, cannot have any openings (for example open USB ports, etc), is self contained with no extending wires, cannot have external antenna and uses only food-grade rubber!

Our Solar Monitoring Solution works in a challenging environment where there are multi-site deployments with multiple solar equipment from diferent vendors and inconsistent cellular/wifi network connectivity. The Industrial Gateways we chhose for these deployments are rugged, work in high-dust and temperature environments and are remotely maintainable. 

Human temperature monitoring solution demands ultra-fast response and quick readings in successions, since these are deployed at entry gates and, well, no one likes to stand in a queue! 

  • Build IoT Device: We build IoT Devices based on ST Micro (STM32) or Espressif (ESP32, ESP8266), if your problem demands a new device which is not readily available 
  • Industrial Gateway: We employ Industrial Gateways wherever this is feasible (Manufacturing, Solar, etc) and configure, connect this with our cloud-platform
  • BYOD: We can even connect with your device, if you readily have one, and would like to leverage our cloud-platform


Reliable connectivity is the corner stone of any successful IoT Solution. This is specifically true in case of Industrial and manufacturing data. Most factories are located in remote areas away from main cities and do not always have reliable internet connection or cellular network coverage. Uptime monitoring, OEE Data, predictive maintenance or anamoly detection would have significant errors if the connectivity is unreliable and continuous data is not available. 

The platform handles these challenges through employing low-overhead MQTT protocol and implementing suitable edge-buffer-and-forward techniques making it resilience against low-bandwidth and unreliable connectivity scenarios. 

The network itself can employ short range technology like Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or WiFi or Long Range methods like Cellular (4G, Cat-M1, NB-IoT) or unlicensed spectrum technologies like LoRa. We partner with SoC vendors and global IoT cellular connectivity providers so we can provide a complete IoT Solution. 

  • Resilient: low-overhead MQTT protocol and implementing suitable edge-buffer-and-forward techniques making it resilience against low-bandwidth and unreliable connectivity scenarios
  • Multiple Technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or WiFi or Long Range methods like Cellular (4G, Cat-M1, NB-IoT) or unlicensed spectrum technologies like LoRa
  • Partnership: Global IoT Cellular service providers – handle eSim profiles and data connectivity plans

Cloud IoT Platform

Cloud IoT Platform is built upon three main pillars – 


 Device side functionality, enabling secure connection with teh device, maintaining device state, Firmware Over the Air Update and device configuration


Implements a data-lake which is a highly-scalable, available, secure and low-cost storage for all the IoT data collected over time. It implements a Query layer so that all the data is easily accesible to multiple analytics and ML applications.  


Implement user facing functionality, Alerts, M2M (connect  devices), API (REST and WebSockets) Enterprise, Mobile Apps and more. 

Enterprise Portal

Implements multiple configruable Dashboard to provide a quick-view. initiate fast actions along with ability to control alerts, configurations and charts to visualize data. Control all your assets through a unified portal.  

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps compliment the IoT device. It helps to control a davice, such as start a temperature reading or view the last reading etc. It also helps to collect other data (such as ID, photo, etc) to suppliment the data collected by your IoT Device. 


Business Intelligence Analytics

The platform integrates with ElasticSearch and Apache SuperSet out of hte box to provide you the ability to slice an dice your data and provide your deep insights by visualizing your data.  

Machine Learning

You can readily connect to any of the ML Notebooks to visualize, train and model your data. The data-lake implements SQL like query to read data and run ML. You can also provide fine grain control to data scientist or even anonymize the data before running ML training. 

Engineering Services and Consultation

We can be part of your vision to re-shape your business through digital transformation, bringing them to fruition. We provide engineering services and solutions across the lifecycle of your offerings, ranging from product ideation to realization and sustenance, that caters to a diverse set of industries – manufacturing, Industrial IoT, automotive, logistics, medical devices and health services. Feel free to say ‘Hi’ to us!

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