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ConnectedThinks IoT Platform enables connecting and controlling diverse digital assets ranging from simple sensors, machine data from industrial gateways or  diverse assets. It increases productivity through real-time visibility, deep analytics, notifications and ability to control remotely. Complete with specific use-case built devices, self-install connectivity, vertical applications and Mobile Apps for control that work out-of-the-box. Digitize your assets, increase productivity, enable new businesses and take control of all your assets.

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Different business problems demand varied solutions and there is no once-size-fits-all.
ConnectedThinks provides technology solutions, engineering consultation & services for the below areas. We also build products for specific verticals which are discussed later.

How it works

IoT Device and Network Connectivity

Embedded devices to collect and transmit data from your sensor, based on STM32 or Espressif with security and OTA features. Industrial gateway auto-configurations and custom adaptors to connect with your machine

Cloud IoT Platform

Secure connect, device management, user management, FOTA, Email Alerts, SMS Alerts, M2M connections, REST APIs, Web Sockets, IoT data-lake, ML connect and more

Enterprise Management Portal, Mobile Apps, Analytics, ML

Online (access anywhere) web monitoring portal to view all your assets, Mobile Apps for on-field control, ElasticSearch BI Analytics, Connect Layers to feed your data to Machine Learning Notebooks

Iot and Digital implementations are complex, not because they demand complex technologies, but since they demand diverse technologies to work together in cohesion!

One Platform
Off the shelf reference designs
Multiple use-cases
Infinite applications!

Most IoT & Digital implementations are complex, not because they need complex technology, but due to the diverse nature of technologies needed. Think of monitoring a fleet of escalators installed in multiple Malls in a City. You will soon face questions like how to effectively collect data from machines from different vendors, data from external sensors, reliable network connectivity, cloud data platform capable of collecting/processing large data at low-cost, Analytics and Alerts for quick response, Machine Learning for predictive maintenance and more… 

We have you covered!

Choose from a set of Off-the-shelf solutions, time tested across a range of deployments

Responding Effectively to public health emergencies requires timely and accurate information. As the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed, the onus of a safer nation and safer world lies in the hands of each one of us.

This solution is our effort to fight COVID-19 and help in effective contact tracing, i.e identifying and monitoring people who have fever and present in public places



An easy, portable and reliable solution for the measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity. Plug & play solution with minimal manual intervention. Configure thresholds & receive instant email and SMS for parameters crossing threshold. Monitor and access data from anywhere over-the-internet.

It is a multi-sensor, device with sensor from Melexis, Bosch and Quectel-GPS. Monitor temperature, humidity, Air Quality (AQI), Pressure, Altitude, Positining (GPS) to get a 360 degrees view of your assets environment! More…

A remote monitoring solution to take control of parameters like power generated in a day, efficiency and total energy accumulated. Also keep track of your clustered and distributed assets and their  status – inverters, energy meters, generators, motors, vibration analysis, temperature, etc – to predict maintenance activities and prevent failures.


Collect data through machine connectivity standards such as MTConnect or feed historically collected data to the platform. Analyse data through Machine Learning algorithms to diagnose and predict problems. Monitor and measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Up-time and deliver timely alerts to the right person to take timely action.

Predictive Maintenance & Anomaly Detection


Not exactly the problem you are trying to solve? In case you are trying to solve a different problem, and believe that IoT can help solve this, but don't exactly know how, Don't worry!
We can solve this problem with you ...
...and we will, for certain, together figure out all those parachute switches, miles before we hit the ground 😉

Engineering Consultancy and Services

We can be part of your vision to re-shape your business through digital transformation, bringing them to fruition. We provide engineering services and solutions across the lifecycle of your offerings, ranging from product ideation to realization and sustenance, that caters to a diverse set of industries – manufacturing, Industrial IoT, automotive, logistics, medical devices and health services. Feel free to say ‘Hi’ to us! 


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